Festival & Private Events

The Williamstown Festival is an opportunity for Roadworx to implement specific traffic management strategies from a pre drafted plan. The festival is an annual event which attracts more than 80,000 people over a two day period. Foot traffic management and safety barriers play a major part, as well as protecting and diverting around hazards.

We work in consultation with local council and planning authorities as well as event management. Occupational health and safety issues are carefully monitored.

  • williamstown-festivalWilliamstown Festival
  • williamstown-festival-2Williamstown Festival

Roadworx also offers its services to private events and functions of all types. Safety and non interference of proceedings are a main prioritiy when it comes to private functions.

“We just make sure everybody has a good time by ensuring all the neccesary measures are followed through.”

  • private-functionStreet Festival
  • private-function-2Mardi Gras Parade