Building and construction sites

The Southern Cross Station project was an opportunity for Roadworx to implement large scale traffic strategies and solutions into a critical operation. The vehicle and foot traffic that converges in this heavily populated part of Melbourne CBD is busy 24 hours a day, presenting us with a challenging project scope.

The project duration was over 2 years and traffic management was successfully handled by Roadworx through to final commissioning. Our team gained vital large scale project experience and worked in tandem with major contractors and companies who both recognized and appreciated our level of expertise and professionalism.

  • southern-cross-stationSouthern Cross Redevelopment
  • southern-cross-station-2Southern Cross Redevelopment

The MCG was another large scale project that presented challenging logistical issues. A major infrastructure project with constant oversize access as well as main road closures and traffic disruptions which were handled with skill, experience and professionalism. Again the job required management over a long timespan and was successfully seen through to completion.

“All in all it was a terrific project with minimal errors and our team worked pretty hard to say the least.”

  • mcgMCG Redevelopment
  • mcg-2MCG Redevelopment